Making $200 - $300 Per Day with Very Minimal Effort

I got bored today so I decided to write a little to tutorial on how I am currently earning $200-$300 with very minimal effort.

I hope I will out see this method packed as an ebook and sold on DP. If I will see this method, I will really going to hunt and find you. JK!

Anyway, before we start I will lay down all the requirement you will need.

- A Facebook Account
- A Account (Pay Per Install)
- A Webby Email Account or any autoresponder but I recomment Webby Email (see later why)
- An Account or any CPA Account

Okay so without holding you in suspension I'm going to explain how you can bank like this. But before I do I'm going to show you a few screen shots of my earnings since I tested this method.

Before I did the test, I just want to show you my stats before:

So here are the steps on how I dramatically increased my earnings with the test I did. If you want to get the same results, I strongly suggest you follow the instructions carefully.

Step 1 - Create a Facebook Account

I recomment you make it a girl and upload pretty nice girl pictures on it. They seem to be more trusted in facebook than guys profile. You will be using this to post on Fanpage and Group walls.

Once you have your facebook account, search for Fanpages and Groups with more that 50k Fans/Member. Make sure also that the Fanpage or Group allows you post on the wall.

Join as many as you can. Once done, move to step 2.

Step 2 - Create a Landing Page/Capture Page

This step is very important as this will be the turning point of the whole process.

Create a landing or capture page. Choose any topic that would interest people especially facebook users. As for my campaign, I made a landing page for "Facebook Layout Editor" as there is an program in Loudmo (Chameleon Tom) that pays $1.50 per install.

I made a landing page that says for example:

Facebook Layout Editor

Are you tired of having the same old boring layout on Facebook?
Now you can customize and impress your friends by changing your facebook layout...

Enter your Name and Email below and we will send you the link to download the FB Layout Editor:

Then you put your opt-in email capture by Webby Email below.

You ever wonder why I really recommend Webby Mail? Because they don't charge monthly fees unlike Aweber or other autoresponders. All you have to pay is a one time set up fee of $49. And with that you will have Unlimited Mailing List, Unlimited Subscribers, Unlimited Campaigns, Unlimited Autoresponders, Unlimited Webforms, Unlimited Email Messages. Talk about savings!

You need to capture you as many subscribers as possible for future campaigns. That's another benefit of having a capture page. That is to use the leads you captured for other campaigns and long term endeavors.

Step 3 - Post on Facebook Fanpage and Group Walls

With the facebook account that you created earlier, post you links going to your capture page.


"Customize your Facebook Layout and impress your friends -"

Post that on as many facebook fanpage and groupd as you can. If your account, create another one.

Just continue the process. The more subscriber the more the money!

Here is my stats in Loudmo after the I did the steps:

After that, you can send them CPA Offers line free surveys from adscendmedia or any campaign you want. After you get the subscribers, you can go freelance on your campaigns.

The key here is to get more subscribers to your mailing list.

And one important advice, DON'T BE CHEAP! Invest in autoresponders as it is the help and soul of the campaign. $49 is a very good investment for a long term return of income.

Take action and make it happen NOW!